Property management


If its an emergency you can use our 24-hour emergency telephone service.

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When you purchase a tenement property or block of flats, you are securing a long-term investment for yourself, but are also taking on a lot of work. Contracts have to be signed, operating expenses optimised, and the property must be managed professionally.
We take on the organisational aspects and supervise the work as it proceeds, from cleaning to maintenance and repairs. We see ourselves as a full-service provider who looks after everything that could be a burden to you. You only have to worry about the return on your asset.
  • Client care by a personal contact
  • Optimal coordination of resources
  • Long-term assured value enhancement
  • Measurable results from generated returns
  • 24-hour service

Comprehensive contract management

Let us look after the legal formalities, from contract preparation to billing to conclusion. Our legal department will handle this and give you numerous profitable options.
  • Preparation and conclusion of rental contracts
  • Collection of rent
  • Administration of bonds
  • Indexation of rent
  • Ongoing dunning process

Sustainable financial management

At Wild Immobilien Management, the transparent handling of all financial matters forms the basis of every successful investment, especially in a residential building where many parties are involved. We draw up a clear, annual management plan that covers all investments and the progress of your returns. This allows us to guarantee soundly based and future-orientated security. Specifically, our services include:
  • Long-term optimisation of running costs
  • Processing of all operating expenses
  • Absolute transparency thanks to detailed assessments and accounting
  • Growth and revenue from monthly rental income
  • Preparation of tax office documents
  • Processing of ally payments from a separate escrow account

All-round service including building maintenance

Blocks of flats involve work and obligations. We can look after all this for you by seeing to everything all year round – from ongoing cleaning to the necessary repair and maintenance work. You benefit from favourable terms because we order from our partners in large volumes. That way you can calculate the services need for your property at any time and pay a fair price for them. At Wild Immobilien, we take all-round service literally:
  • Periodic inspection of homes and flats
  • Active management of empty properties
  • Organisation and supervision of all service and cleaning work
  • Handling of official contacts and insurance matters
  • Information centre for all parties
  • 24-hour service

Strategic renovation management

By acquiring a property, you are looking out for your future. There are occasions when renovations or improvements need to be carried out so your asset will have real value in the future. We handle that as well and support you from the very start: from planning to completion. We are concerned to ensure that you have profitable real estate for many years. You benefit from our support with:
  • Budget planning for all repair and improvement work
  • Planning and tendering for the required services
  • Coordination and supervision during construction
  • Profitability calculations for residential properties and execution of the work needed in the area of improvement.